Friday, August 16, 2013

Transitioning Back to The "U"


It's something that we are all a part of. We have different amounts of change but it is inevitable; we can't avoid it. A big change for somebody my age and for me personally is the transition back to college. I am a Sophomore this year so I have made the big initial first move but I have been back home all Summer and my mindset on life changes with my surroundings. It is amazing how much our environment around us can affect our lives and our decisions.

The big habit that I picked back up during the Summer was laziness. I was so busy during the school year taking 18 hrs in the Spring, during season, that when Summer came around my mind and body shut down. I attempted to take Summer classes but I ended up dropping them before the Summer was over. I didn't have the same motivation and determination that I have here at school! It's not that I'm a bad student .. I made the Dean's List both semesters at Saint Mary and graduated highschool with a 4.0 gpa; it was just a big change going back home. I played baseball in a pro-amateur league but didn't finish that season either due to shoulder pain .. which was another result of my laziness (skipping out on doing arm excercises and staying in shape).

Big Picture
The big picture is that when I got back home I was more focused on catching up with my friends and spending time with my family that I no longer had time to focus on the things that were once my top priority at college. Now coming back to college for the second year I am switching my mindset back to the productive Zack that was so successful and driven. I am going to strive to make the Dean's List again and strive to be the best baseball player that I can be and I am extremely excited to be back in this productive environment and productive state of mind :). I will miss hanging out with my friends and family and relaxing a majority of my days but I know that to reach my goals I must make the transition from the fun, loving, and care-free Zack back to the goal oriented and success driven Zack from last school year. I think that here soon I will find a happy medium mindset that is both success and fun oriented. I'm still young and have a lot to learn.

Thank you for reading!! Have a great day :)
I love you all